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Futures Trading Seminar – A Commodity Marketing Forum for College Teachers of Economics, Vol. III (Gaumnitz, 1966)

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Section Year Author Title
Foreword 1966 R. J. Mutti Foreword
Part 1 1966 Henry H. Bakken Futures Trading — Origin, Development and Economic Status
Part 2 1966 Yale Brozen The Role of Open Markets in Coordinating and Directing Economic Activity
Part 3 1966 Roger W. Gray Fundamental Price Behavior Characteristics in Commodity Futures
Part 4 1966 Donald J. Powers Price Reporting and Dissemination; The Placement and Execution of Orders
Part 5 1966 Roger W. Gray Why Does Futures Trading Succeed or Fail? An Analysis of Selected Commodities
Part 6 1966 Bernard P. Carey Regulation and Supervision of Futures Trading
Part 7 1966 Alfred H. Gruetzmacher Philosophy of the Market from a Pit Speculator’s Viewpoint
Part 8 1966 Raleigh B. Wilson Merchandising and Inventory Management of Commodities; Carrying Charges and Basis
Part 9 1966 Robert L. Raclin Role of Markets in Determining Flow of Commodities in Domestic and International Trade
Part 10 1966 Henry B. Arthur Economic Risk, Uncertainty, and the Futures Market
Part 11 1966 Leonard Schruben Examples from Commodity Markets which Illustrate Economic Principles and Concepts