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Why You Should Understand Futures Trading (September 14, 2023) Illinois Public Media: The 21st Show

What Are the Supply and Demand Drivers of the Ag Futures Market? (September 11, 2023) NASDAQ

The U.S. Is No Longer World’s Leading Exporter of Corn (Aug 31, 2023) Marketplace

Opinion | The Great Wheat Price Surge That Sputtered (August 21, 2023) The New York Times

Engaging, educating and evolving for Scott Irwin (August 14, 2023) Market to Market

Back to Ag Futures with Scott Irwin (July 11, 2023) HC Insider Podcast

New EPA Rules Pressure Biofuel Producers (June 25, 2023) The Wall Street Journal

Days of Futures Past with Scott Irwin (May 13, 2023) Smarter Markets Podcast

New Book Takes Readers on a Ride from Farm to Futures Markets (May 8, 2023)

A conversation with Scott Irwin about Back to the Futures (May 3, 2023) RFD Profit Watch hosted by DeLoss Jahnke. The talk starts at 34:05.

A Conversation with Scott Irwin about Back to the Futures (April 30, 2023) Commodity Conversations hosted by Jonathan Kingsman

Interview with Max Armstrong about Back to the Futures (Apr 28, 2023) This Week in Agribusiness

Interview with Todd Gleason about Back to the Futures on the Closing Market Report (April 25, 2023). The interview starts at the 4:50 mark and ends at 22:40. Closing Market Report (

For Farmers, An Uncertain Crop Season Awaits (April 25, 2023) OpenMarkets, CME Group

Irwin Writes Book on Commodity Markets (April 15, 2023) Dave Hinton: Name Dropping, The News-Gazette

Crashing Dirt Bikes to Chasing Cows: Scott Irwin Releases New Book on Futures Market (April 12, 2023) AgWeb

New Book Chronicles Personal, Professional Journey Studying Futures Markets (April 11, 2023) Illinois News Bureau

Social Media Tip Sheet (March 27, 2023) ACES Office of Marketing Communications

ACES Faculty Webinar – Leveraging Social Media (March 27, 2023) ACES Office of Marketing Communications

I’m Game Podcast Interview with Fred Kroner about Back to the Futures (March 24, 2023) Mahomet Daily

Escalating Demand for Soybean Oil Hits Possible Slowdown (March 19, 2023) The Wall Street Journal

Electric Vehicles Poised to Chip Away at Biofuel Production (March 6, 2023) Feed Strategy

USDA Chief Economist Seth Meyer, Scott Irwin and Krista Swanson on 2023 Ag Economy (February 24, 2023) Agri-Pulse Newsmakers

From the Furrow (January 4, 2023) Ever.Ag | RedCircle


Why The U.S. Government Is (Still) Obsessed With Corn (December 6, 2022) CNBC

How Drought and War Are Really Affecting the Global Food Supply (September, 7, 2022) WIRED

Why the Global Food Shortage Is a Myth (August 31, 2022) Silverado

3 Big Things Today: Soybean Futures Higher Overnight; Iowa, Illinois Crops a Mixed Bag (August 17, 2022) Successful Farming

Food Security in Times of Crisis (May 23, 2022) INTA Pergamino

Will Russian Invasion of Ukraine Spark a Global Food Crisis? (May 3, 2022) Illinois News Bureau

Facing a Wheat Crisis, Countries Race to Remake an Entire Market on the Fly (May 2, 2022) The Wall Street Journal

Will The U.S. Face A Food Shortage? (April 20, 2022) CNBC

Where Did All the Crop Acres Go? (April 20, 2022) Faculti interview

The Global Food Crisis Will Be One of Affordability Rather than Supply (April 14, 2022) Time

Fuel, Freighting, & Fragility: The Impacts of a Geopolitical Crisis on a Domestic Food System (April 7, 2022) Zoom Panel

Feed grain end users should be ‘very nervous’ (April 4, 2022) Brownfield Ag News

U.S. Farm Groups Urge Sowing on Protected Land as War Cuts off Ukraine Supply (March 23, 2022) Reuters

AG Groups Support More CRP Flexibility to Aid in Potential Global Grain Shortages (March 23, 2022) Brownfield Ag News

Oddlots Podcast: A Historic Disruption To The World’s Wheat Supply (March 23, 2022) Bloomberg

Wheat and corn prices surge amid Russian invasion of Ukraine (March 21, 2022) CNBC

Ag Economist Watching Extraordinary Volatility in Wheat Market (March 4, 2022) Brownfield News

Considering Ukraine’s Disrupted Breadbasket, a Pitch to Open CRP Ground to Counter Global Supply Shock (March 4, 2022) Progressive Farmer

Grain Markets Set for Supply Shock of a Lifetime, Economist Says (March 2, 2022) Bloomberg

Farmdoc Economist Reviews Social Media, Career Highlights (January 8, 2022) Illinois Farmer Today


Happy Days Are Here Again for the Ethanol Industry (December 21, 2021) Successful Farming

High Fertilizer Prices Not Likely to Limit Corn (December 10, 2021) Neighbor News Online

High Fertilizer Prices Not Likely to Limit Corn (December 10, 2021) Olean Times Herald

Daybreak Dec. 8: Biofuel Demand Poses Acreage Squeeze (December 8, 2021) Agri-Pulse

Corn to Take a Leading Role as Farmers Chase High Commodity Prices (November 30, 2021) Successful Farming

Input Prices and Commodity Prices; Two Halves of the 2022 Acreage Puzzle (November 30, 2021) Brownfield Ag News for America

2021 Midwest Ag Conference Keynote Speaker and Q&A Session (November 30, 2021) Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Factors Expected to Drive the 2022 Corn Market (November 29, 2021) Successful Farming

In the Market with Dr. Scott Irwin (October 1, 2021) Market Journal

U.S. Farm Belt Revival Prompts Mad Dash for ‘Dirt and Iron’ (September 26, 2021) Wall Street Journal

Biofuel Blending Targets Could Include Big Volume Cuts (September 22, 2021) Agri-Pulse

Renewable Diesel Boom is Wild Card for U.S. Soybeans (September 17, 2021) Successful Farming

Analysis: Retroactive Cuts to US Biofuel Blend Mandates Unlikely to Hit Supply, Demand (September 3, 2021) AgriCensus

Last Synthetic Ethanol Plant in US to Close (August 26, 2021) Chemical & Engineering News, ACS

Weather, Labor Shortages and High Demand Causing Food Inflation (July 20, 2021) News WKRG

Eggs and Pancakes for Dinner: How One Family of Seven Is Coping with America’s Food Inflation (July 14, 2021) MarketWatch

Weekly Market Analysis with Scott Irwin (July 2, 2021) Market Journal

U.S. Hog Prices Sink as China Rebuilds Herd (June 29, 2021) Wall Street Journal

U.S., Brazil Expected to Constrain Ethanol Output in Coming Months (June 22, 2021) Reuters

‘China, China, China’ Still The Big Story for Crops: Scott Irwin (June 14, 2021) Bloomberg (live on Bloomberg TV)

China’s Import Appetite Raises Prospects in US Farm Belt (June 7, 2021) Financial Times

Weekly Market Analysis with Scott Irwin (May 7, 2021) Market Journal

Corn Rally Gets Lift with US Road Trips Stoking Biofuel Demand (April 27, 2021) Bloomberg

US Farmers Finally See Better Outlook after 2 Odd Years (April 27, 2021) AP NEWS

USDA Report, Brazil Drive Crop Prices to 8-Year High (April 26, 2021) Bloomberg (live on Bloomberg TV)

Renewable Diesel Outlook For Soybean (April 20, 2021) AG Central News, News Dakota

America’s Farm Belt Looks Safe From Latest U.S.-China Spat (March 22, 2021) Bloomberg

China Is The Driver of Agricultural Prices Rising: Scott Irwin (February 24, 2021) Bloomberg (live on Bloomberg TV)

Irwin: Market Needs to Buy More Soybean Acres Relative to Corn (February 23, 2021)

2020 Ethanol Profits with Scott Irwin (February 19, 2021) Market Journal

Market Analysis with Scott Irwin (February 5, 2021) Market Journal

US Ethanol Industry in Volatile 2020 Managed Thin Margins: Irwin (January 28, 2021)


Republican Senate Would Darken Outlook for Aggressive U.S. Climate Policy (November 4, 2020) Reuters

US Biofuels Sector Faces Squeeze as Presidential Outlooks Collide (November 3, 2020) Fastmarkets Agricensus

How Ag Giant John Deere Has Plowed Through The Pandemic (October 26, 2020) Forbes

Grocery Prices Are Down From Their COVID-19 Summer Peaks. But Here’s Why Your Food Bills Are Still Stubbornly High (October 22, 2020) Chicago Tribune

Farmers Hit by Inclement Weather Brace for Long Harvest (September 16, 2020) AgriPulse

U.S. Corn Supply Grows on Record Crop Yield (August 12, 2020) Wall Street Journal

Study Warns Against Long-Term Commodity Investments (June 18, 2020) The Western Producer

Economist Expects “Battle Royal” Over RFS in Washington (April 21, 2020) Brownfield Ag News

Governors Ask Trump to Waive Biofuels Quotas Amid Pandemic (April 15, 2020) Bloomberg

PAC Money Slowed but Not Stopped During COVID-19 (April 8, 2020) Agri-Pulse

Where the Money Went: Payment Data Pinpoints MFP Benefits (February 26, 2020) Agri-Pulse

Biodiesel Industry Plans to Double Production, Reduce GHGs (January 30, 2020) Agri-Pulse

Uncertainty Over China-Us Trade Deal Hits Soybean Prices (January 15, 2020) Financial Times

Challenges for US Crop Data Collection (January 14, 2020)

In Harsh Year, U.S. Crop Acreage Shrinks 5% (January 13, 2020) Successful Farming

Down on the Farm (January 9, 2020) Illinois Times

Few Local Farmers Are Focusing on Cutting Production Costs for 2020 (January 3, 2020) Illinois Farmer Today


With Trump’s Farm Bailout Came Surprising Profits, but Little Help for the Neediest (December 30, 2019) Washington  Post

Reflecting on Accuracy of 2019 USDA Crop Projections (December 17, 2019) Brownfield Ag News

Farmers React With Mix Of Relief And Worry To Tentative China Trade Deal (December 16, 2019) National Public Radio

Farmdoc Leader ‘Couldn’t Have Imagined’ Website’s Growth, Impact (December 9, 2019) Illinois Farmer Today

A Wet Year Causes Farm Woes Far Beyond the Floodplains (November 21, 2019) The New York Times

Shadows of Twilight Darken the Age of Cellulosic Ethanol (November 21, 2019) Successful Farming

A 10-Minute Delay of Key USDA Reports Gave Some People an Advantage. Here’s Why (November 19, 2019) Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting

Us Farm Bankruptcies Surge 24% On Strain From Trump Trade War, Weather (October 31, 2019) Bloomberg

Trump Ethanol Plan Fails to Cheer Biofuel Markets (October 8, 2019) Financial Times

More Aid Coming for Farmers Ravaged by Wet Weather (September 27, 2019) Politico’s Morning Agriculture

Trump’s Billion-Dollar Gambit: An Ethanol Deal to Meet the Demands of Farmers and Big Oil (September 23, 2019) CNBC

Economist Proposes Two RFS Changes to Appease Oil, Ethanol (September 20, 2019) Progressive Farmer

“No Way” Trump Can Please Both Sides in RFS Debate (September 6, 2019) Brownfield News

$33 Million And Counting: Trade Payments Buy Patience From McLean County Farmers (September 3, 2019)

U.S. Farmers Stung by Tariffs Now Face a $3.5 Billion Corn Loss (August 13, 2019) Bloomberg

This Year’s MFP to Pay by County Rates, Not by Crop (July 31, 2019) Farm World Online

Economist: New Trump Farm Aid May Be Distributed More Fairly (July 29, 2019) Associated Press

Economists Say Trump Administration Is Overpaying Farmers For Trade Losses (July 25, 2019) National Public Radio, The Salt

It’s Time to Talk about Soybeans (July 19, 2019) Ag Web Farm Journal

Midwestern Farmers’ Struggles With Extreme Weather Are Visible From Space (July 2, 2019) Washington Post

USDA’s Disappearing Cropland Problem (July 2, 2019) Progressive Farmer

Buffeted by Trade Winds, Soybean Farmers Seek Tax Credit Renewal (June 12, 2019) Roll Call

After a Biblical Spring, This Is the Week That Could Break the Corn Belt (June 4, 2019) Washington Post

Markets with Dr. Scott Irwin (May 31, 2019) Market Journal

Floods and Trump’s Trade War Create an Uncertain Year for Farmers (May 31, 2019) The New York Times

#NoPlant19: Unrelenting Rain Forces Midwest Farmers to Make a Painful Choice—Plant or Wait Until Next Year (May 31, 2019) The New Food Economy

USDA Unveils New Trade Aid for Farmers, Ranchers (May 24, 2019) Agri-Pulse

Wet Conditions Could Shatter Prevented Planting Records (May 22, 2019) Agri-Pulse

Bad Weather and Trump’s Trade War Spawn Dilemma for U.S. Farmers (May 22, 2019) Bloomberg News

Corn: Flawed USDA Forecast Creates Tremendous Opportunity (May 21, 2019) Seeking Alpha

Q&A: Scott Irwin This Iowa Farm Boy Is Now a Leading Source on the Renewable Fuels Industry (May 20, 2019) Successful Farming

Small Group of America’s Big Farms Gets Bulk of Trump Bailout Funds (May 19, 2019) Financial Times

Don’t Buck Plans to Plant Corn Just Yet (May 15, 2019)

Column: Ongoing Planting Delays Could Sow More Problems for U.S. Corn (May 3, 2019) Reuters

John Phipps: Planting Speed is a Race Against Weather and Geography (April 30, 2019) Farm Journal

Cannabis Futures Contracts May Be Headed to an Exchange Near You (April 11, 2019) Bloomberg News

New Crop Data Providers Cash In on US Shutdown (March 7, 2019) Financial Times

NASS Changing August Crop Data (March 13, 2019) Progressive Farmer

Update: A Report Day Without USDA (January 11, 2019) Progressive Farmer

US Government Shutdown Leaves Traders Without Key Agriculture Data (January 11, 2019) Financial Times

Warning Signs for the Global Economy (January 8, 2019) Financial Times


Surging US Corn Prices Spark ‘Food Versus Fuel’ Debate (August 3, 2012) CNBC

Surveillance Midday (April 2011) 
Interview with Tom Keene on Bloomberg Television

Feeding Frenzy (Jan 2011) Interview on the BBC Radio 4 Program: “Face The Facts”

Are Speculators Adding to World Hunger? (January 7, 2011) CNBC