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Futures Trading in Livestock: Origins and Concepts (Bakken, 1970)

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Section Year Author Title
Foreword 1970 Ronald J. Frost Foreword
Part I 1970 Holbrook Working Economic Functions of Futures Markets
Part I 1970 Everette B. Harris History of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Part II 1970 Henry H. Bakken Adaption of Futures Trading to Live Cattle
Part II 1970 Gene A. Futrell Do Live Cattle Futures Differ from other Existing Futures Contracts?
Part II 1970 M. Brice Kirtley Futures Contracts for Commodities in Production Differ in Application from Those Held in Storage
Part II 1970 Rollo L. Ehrich The Role of Market Prices
Part II 1970 Allen B. Paul A forward look at Futures Trading in Livestock
Part III 1970 Henry H. Bakken The Factors Favoring a Futures Contract for Live Hogs Outweigh those Against it
Part III 1970 Stanley Lammers A Packer’s View
Part III 1970 Glenn Andersen A New Futures Contract as Appraised by a Broker
Part III 1970 Roger W. Gray The Prospects for Trading in Live Hog Futures
Part III 1970 Gene A. Futrell Characteristic Variances of Live Animal Futures Contracts
Part III 1970 Robert E. Schneidau Some Hypotheses on the Success or Failure of Futures Contracts
Part IV 1970 Walter W. Minger Financing Live Beef Cattle Futures Contracts
Part IV 1970 A. R. Parsons A Packer Considers a Long Term Approach to Futures Contracts
Part IV 1970 Roy V. Edwards Some Observations Concerning Livestock Futures Markets
Part IV 1970 Kenneth Monfort A Cattle Feeder Views Futures
Part IV 1970 Lee Schuster This Little Pig Went to Which Market?
Part V 1970 Don Paarlberg Some Economic Myths of our Times
Part V 1970 Thomas A. Hieronymus Changing Emphases in Futures Markets and Ways and Means to Improve Them
Part V 1970 The Editor Summary and Perspective
Appendices 1970 The Editor Appendices