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Commodity Markets and Futures Prices (Leuthold, 1979)

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Section Year Author Title
Introduction 1979 Raymond M. Leuthold, Editor Contents and Introduction
Section 1 1972 Robert M. Bear Risk and Return Patterns on Overnight Holdings of Livestock Futures
Section 1 1972 Katherine Dusak Miller The Relation Between Volatility and Maturity in Futures Contracts
Section 1 1971 Richard L. Meyer Application and Analysis of Pork-Belly Commodity Spreads
Section 2 1976 Don B. Panton and O. Maurice Joy Empirical Evidence on International Monetary Market Currency Futures
Section 2 1976 Richard M. Levich An Assessment of Forecasting Accuracy and Market Efficiency in the International Money Market: 1967-1975
Section 2 1974 Ray Marquardt An Evaluation of the Relative Price-Forecasting Accuracy of Selected Futures Markets
Section 2 1973 William R. Folks, Jr. and Stanley R. Stansell Revaluation Versus Devaluation: A Study of Exchange-Rate Changes
Section 3 1972 Harlan Patterson The Worth National Bank of Sioux City
Section 4 1971 Barry W. Bobst The Effects of Location-Basis Variability on Livestock Hedging in the South
Section 4 1972 John C. Pickett The Supply of Storage for Frozen Pork Bellies
Section 4 1977 P. Thomas Cox and M. Anthony Wright The Feeder-Cattle Information System