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* 210 bpa in IL
* western gains offset east losses
* yields go up
* still things should hold together

Check, Check, Check, Checkā€¦ not bad for a pre-report discussion more than a week ago with #ILLINOIS @chief321 @ScottIrwinUI & @JosephJanzen.

Following up:
1) It seems the ROI on soil sampling would be high in ’22.
2) Easy to say “cut fertilizer rates,” hard to say when and how aggressively. Too aggressive in ’22 may limit defensive options for ’23 or ’24 (when fert. prices & budgets may be even less appealing).

David Widmar@davidwidmar

My short summary of the fertilizer situation:

Join us today at 11am central for our University of Illinois @farmdocDaily webinar.

* grain farm income outlook
* price and cost outlook for 2022
* cash rents
* variable cash lease


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