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Futures Markets: Regulatory Issues (Peck, 1985)

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Section Year Author Title
Preface and foreword 1985 Anne E. Peck, editor Preface and foreword
Chapter 1 1985 Charles M. Seeger The Development of Congressional Concern about Financial Futures Markets
Chapter 2 1985 Seymour Smidt Trading Floor Practices on Futures and Securities Exchanges: Economics, Regulation, and Policy Issues
Chapter 3 1985 William G. Tomek Margins on Futures Contracts: Their Economic Roles and Regulation
Chapter 4 1985 Dennis W. Draper The Small Public Trader in Futures Markets
Chapter 5 1985 Allen B. Paul The Role of Cash Settlement in Futures Contract Specification
Chapter 6 1985 Wayne D. Purcell and Michael A. Hudson The Economic Roles and Implications of Trade in Livestock Futures
Contributors 1985 Anne E. Peck, editor Contributors