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Commodity Classics

This is a collection of important but hard to find papers and books mainly related to the study of commodity futures markets. There is great benefit to reading (or re-reading) the writings of masters in the field such as Holbrook Working, Roger Gray, Tom Hieronymus, Lester Telser, Anne Peck, Allan Paul, and Bill Tomek. Unfortunately many people have not read or even heard about papers I regard as foundational to the field. A number of these papers were published in the now defunct Food Research Institute Studies, which until a few years ago was only available in a few university libraries. I am very grateful that AgEcon Search at the University of Minnesota now contains the complete FRI collection. Here I link to every FRI paper published on futures markets or closely related topics. I have obtained copyright permissions to post some other material. It is my understanding that the remainder can be posted under fair use provisions of copyright law or the material is already in the public domain.

My sincere hope is that this archive will open these classic readings to a new and much wider audience. Suggestions are welcome!


Food Research Institute Studies

Wheat Studies of the Food Research Institute

Research Reports and Papers

Hyperlinked Bibliographies